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10 bedroom carpet ideas to make your space extra cozy - kayasushica

10 bedroom carpet ideas to make your space extra cozy

Bedroom carpet ideas, in fact really carpet in any room, has had a bit of a bad rap in recent years. There’s just something about wall-to-wall carpet, everyone at one point was obsessed with ripping it up and dancing with excitement when it revealed ‘rustic’ wooden boards or original tiles. And if nothing worthy appeared under the carpets, down went the LVT or engineered wood. Carpet just wasn’t an option.

Now we can understand carpet in a bathroom is something we hope never returns, but carpets in our comfier living spaces like living rooms and bedrooms is making a strong comeback. So to pay homage to this once shunned flooring choice’s resurgence we’ve rounded up all our favorite bedroom ideas that prove carpets are a stylish and cozy addition to your space. 

1. Keep it subtle and simple

White panelled bedroom with patterned bed frame

(Image credit: Rowland Roques O’Neil)

See, carpets can be just as subtle and stylish as your whitewashed floorboards, plus they and a coziness and a softness underfoot you don’t get with hard floors. If you are dubious about embracing wall-to-wall carpet pick a neutral color – whites, creams, light greys – they all add a calming feel and can be a backdrop for any color scheme too. And isn’t it just so luxurious to have pale carpets? Sinking your feet into pale cushioned flooring is so reminiscent of hotel rooms.