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Modern Sacramento CA home sells in Sierra Oaks Vista - kayasushica

Modern Sacramento CA home sells in Sierra Oaks Vista

In 2019, builder Tim Terry of Terry Development bought a Sierra Oaks Vista property for $1.4 million and tore down the existing 2,222 square-foot home.

What’s gone up in its place is a modern home with one of the most unique designs of its kind in the Sacramento area, according to a pair of real estate professionals.

The home that was razed was built in 1954. Now, a 4,347-square-foot custom-built house has risen at 3321 Adams Road in the Sierra Oaks Vista neighborhood north of Fair Oaks Boulevard in Sacramento.

The home was completed in 2020.

“He tore the whole thing down,” said Madison Fairchild of Madison Chase Real Estate, which carries the listing. “Everything is new, new — like new foundation, everything.”

The main residence, which features four bedrooms and four-and-a-half baths, carries clean lines and rich wood tones throughout the open floor plan. There’s an expansive glass entrance and textured stone detail that winds from the outside into the interior.

Listed for $3.5 million in August, it didn’t last long on the market. The final sale is pending.

“Yeah, this sold pretty quickly,” Fairchild said. “I think we were in contract within the first, I don’t know, five or six days.”

Even before the home was finished being built, the owner was approached with a dozen offers, she added.

The property stretches over nearly 1 acre. And its modern design stands out, Fairchild said.

“There’s a couple moderns that have popped up in the Sierra Oaks Vista neighborhood, but there’s nothing else on the market like it in our entire tri-counties,” Fairchild said. “It’s a modern new build.. The architecture is not like anything else you see around here.”

Ryan Lundquist, a Sacramento appraiser and real estate market analyst, has seen a growing desire for modern homes.

“This property got into contract quickly and that helps highlight a huge appetite for modern homes,” he said in an email. “The thing about modern design is that it really isn’t for everyone. People either love modern or loathe it.

“In fact, when posting images of modern units on social media they get very mixed reviews. But the most important thing here is not what onlookers think, but what actual buyers think. The truth is, we’ve seen an explosion of modern units being built throughout the Sacramento region and this type of construction is clearly satisfying a huge hunger in the marketplace. So while some people on Twitter might verbally destroy modern design, buyers are pulling the trigger.”

Asked to name three or four features that stand out in the Sierra Oaks Vista residence, Fairchild had trouble narrowing it down to just a few.

“I would say … the incredibly tall ceilings when you walk in — it’s 16-foot ceilings, with an open concept, which is just breathtaking,” she said. “And it gives you a feel that you don’t get in many houses, especially in the Sacramento County. And then I would say, the other (feature) that’s pretty incredible is the property has four panoramic door systems that open up so you not only have this great illusion of all this glass when you walk into the inside and to the outside, but they actually open up entirely and so it really brings the backyard — and the front yard— into the main living space. It’s truly an entertainment dream.

“The other thing that I love about the house is, if you look at the architecture under the roofline, there is all this wood that wraps around underneath all the soffits that just gives you this warm, rich feel,” Fairchild continued. “And then, the last thing that I love, love, love about the house is right when you walk in the front door, there is a rock wall that’s floor-to-ceiling rock, but the rock wraps from the front design all the way into the interior. And so it just looks like this rock goes through the glass wall.”

The bright kitchen features Thermador wi-fi-enabled appliances, hand-selected white marble, custom walnut accents, a 12-foot island and a butler’s kitchen and pantry.

The primary suite is spacious with its own fireplace. The bath features a walk-through shower and soaking tub surrounded by marble.

Near the outdoor swimming pool stands a 799-square-foot guest house with a studio bedroom, bath, fireplace, kitchen and laundry space.

“Actually, we call it the pool house,” Fairchild said. “It’s not even fair. It’s like a whole house.”

The pool was part of original house on the property.

“The new buyer will go in, and he’s got some pretty incredible plans for that pool,” she said. “Stay tuned on that.”

Despite being a new build, the landscape is mature with oak trees, redwoods and a lush lawn for plenty of shade and privacy.

If the final sales price hits $3.5 million, the property will be the third-highest residential sale in Sacramento County in 2021, Lundquist said.

“This price point at $3 million is still uncommon territory, as only four sales in the county have sold above $3 million this year,” he added. “Yet, there is no mistaking massive growth above $1 million throughout the region as we’ve seen 158% more million-dollar sales this year compared to last year at the same time.”

Sierra Oaks Vista is home to the highest sale ever in Sacramento County at $5 million, and so far the exclusive neighborhood holds the 2021 record at $4.55 million.

Modern Sacramento CA home sells in Sierra Oaks Vista

David Caraccio is a video producer for The Sacramento Bee who was born and raised in Sacramento. He is a graduate of San Diego State University and longtime journalist who has worked for newspapers as a reporter, editor, page designer and digital content producer.