Day: September 5, 2021

Living Rooms

2021 Street of Dreams home tour: Builders, designers return with ideas from crowd-pleasing to over-the-top

A tight budget, limited space and common sense make it impossible for most people to have a basketball court inside their home. But improvement ideas should at least start without limits and that’s central to the 46-year-old NW Natural Street of Dreams luxury home tour. The crowd-pleasing show lets people walk through new houses filled […]

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Modern House Design

Mixing traditional, contemporary decor creates sophisticated, artsy style

The freshest style in decor these days is … mixing styles. Traditional and contemporary often work well together. Think abstract art with an overstuffed chaise, or an 18th century-style toile wallpaper with an ’80s-era lamp. The appeal is in the pleasing tension between the styles; sophisticated, artsy, yet livable. The latest throwback trend comes, as […]

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