Hydroponic Gardening

The Rise of At-Home Hydroponic Gardens

April Rolle had a leafy green problem. The busy doctor loved salads, but she hadn’t had any luck growing lettuce or other salad components in her outdoor container garden, and because of her schedule, she never ended up using all of the greens she bought before they went bad. Then she discovered Gardyn, a smart […]

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Modern House Design

Cherokee Gardens ranch on Tour of Remodeled Homes

Julie Blankenbaker and her husband Ralph were prepared to renovate their Cherokee Gardens ranch home as soon as they purchased the property. “When we bought this place, we knew we wanted to (remodel),” Julie told the Courier Journal. “It was (owned by) a 90-something-year-old woman — and it looked like a 90-something-year-old woman’s home.” She and […]

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